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Large Commercial Demand Response

Earn incentives when you reduce energy consumption.

During periods of peak energy demand, you can help reduce the strain on the electric grid and earn cash incentives by taking part in the Energy Smart Large Commercial Demand Response program. This free, automated program is flexible and easy to use. And with the ability to opt out, you are always in control.


Complete Automation: Advanced, pre-programmed solutions produce consistent performance, giving you maximum energy savings and minimal operational impact.

Increased Control: Flexible participation enables you to opt out of events or remove measures or facility zones from an event to limit impact — all without penalties.

Easy to Use: Participation is free, and our fully automated solutions require no input from your on-site personnel.

Incentive Payments: Twice-yearly payments are based on average demand reduction across all events during a performance period ($50/kW* for summer, $10/kW for non-summer).

*Subject to change based on participation levels.

Learn how demand response can help you manage energy use and earn incentives.

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